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Parkgate Society

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Why Not Join Us and Be Part of Your Community

The Cheshire village of Parkgate is a vibrant and attractive place to live, work and visit.

The aim of this website is to publicise the work carried out by the Parkgate Society in the past,

what we are doing at the present time, and what we want to achieve in the future.


It also aims to inform residents and visitors about what is happening in Parkgate,

and has a wealth of information about Parkgate both in the past and present.

The Parkgate Society is a group of mainly local residents who seek to improve our local environment and conserve the heritage of Parkgate, so that everyone can continue to enjoy its unique character.

Strength in Numbers -The more members we have, the more influence we can exert in order to achieve our aims.

We encourage interest in our community by:

We work for the future by:

  • Promoting our “Vision For Parkgate”, including Donkey Stand and other Parade improvements, Flower planters, Litter picking, Village signage;
  • Promoting our aims and views through an active working relationship with local councils and other organisations for the benefit of Parkgate;
  • Creating a Historic Bronze plaque scheme and a Heritage Trail;
  • Commenting, where appropriate, on local planning applications.

If you value our unique community, why not join the Parkgate Society.

For more information, contact us on: 0151 739 1217 or email at: enquiries@parkgatesociety.co.uk

For Membership info, contact us on 0151 336 4461 or email at: membership@parkgatesociety.co.uk

Last Updated September 2018